Dogs go missing all over Ireland every day for one reason or another. It could be something simple like a child leaving a door open or something bad like your dog being stolen from your back garden

Whatever the reason it is important that your search starts straight away. The first thing to do is to contact the local radio station and have them make an announcement as soon as possible.

Make up flyers and posters with a recent photo of your pet, it is no good having a photo of your Saint Bernard as a puppy when he is now 3 years old. You should put to mobile phone numbers and never a landline. Maybe mention that a reward is offered but do not state how much.

Call to the houses in the neighbourhood and ask them to spread the word too. Ask homeowners to check out buildings and gardens. Go to the places that you would usually walk your dog as the dog may have wandered off and familiar smells may have led him back there.

Make an appeal to people you know by using social websites like twitter and facebook. Many peole in local areas are connected through these sites and someone may know someone who found a dog in the area.

Contact Garda stations and let them know that your dog is missing. if you can put up a poster and continue to call in person to the station every day. You should contact other Garda stations too as contact between stations can be limited at the best of times.

Contact vets and animal shelters as someone may have found a dog and brought them there. If the dog is microchipped then the vet or shelter can read these chips. If the vet or shelter cannot find identification on your dog then they may have contacted the dog warden.

Dog wardens work for local councils and they pick up stray dogs in the council area. These dogs are taken to the local dog pound and if the dog is not claimed after 5 days it will be put to sleep. Be sure to contact the warden yourself and explain your dog is missing and if he finds the dog he can contact you. Contact dog wardens in other counties too as your dog may have ventured a distance since getting away.

You can post details on various websites like These sites allow you to upload photos and details of your pet which others can view instantly.