If you find a dog then the first thing to do is to look for a collar. If the dog has a collar next check for an identity tag.

The tag could be plastic or metal and should have a phone number on it. If the dog has a collar but no tag try removing the collar and check under it for a phone number.

If you cannot see any visable identity tags on the dog then bring it to the vet or animal shelter. There the staff can scan the dog for a microchip that is located under the skin. If a microchip is found it will have the contact details of the owner.

If there is no microchip then contact local radio and have them make an announcement that a dog was found and tell them the general area and some vague details.

If it is possible bring the dog home with you or if not bring the dog to the local animal shelter or rescue centre, there will be no charge to you. Please do not just release the dog again.

Contact Garda stations and let them know that you have found a dog. If you can put up a poster and continue to call in person to the station every day.

You should contact other Garda stations too as contact between stations can be limited at the best of times.

Contact dog wardens as the person missing the dog may have been in contact with them already.

You can post details on various websites like www.lostandfoundpets.iewww.lostandfound.ie orwww.pets.ie.

These websites will have sections for both lost and found dogs. Enter the details of the dog you have found and then check the lost section for dogs that are missing.

If you see details of a dog that is missing from far away remember this may still be the dog you have found. Reply to the person that posted the lost dog and let them ask questions of you e.g the colour of the dog etc.