“They say that dogs aren’t just for Christmas …. but let me tell you, Christmas is for dogs. I had the best one yet when I went with Nessa and Peter to stay at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Enniskerry.

I’d heard that they normally only take little pooches – you know, the ones that fit in your handbag – but because the weather was so bad with all that white stuff on the ground, they made an exception and let me check in; very good taste they have in hotel guests, I have to say.

I was very impressed with the whole shebang. They had porters to bring up my bags (a week’s supply of dentastix not to mention several squeaky toys are pretty heavy, you know) and the room was really comfortable. I had my own bed of lovely red leather and wood, as well as my own bowl for water and biscuits (and rashers, when Nessa could snaffle some for me). I didn’t mind having to share the room with my Ma & Da – they’re pretty clean and didn’t snore much.

Nessa said the food was gorgeous, and we had great fun down in the lobby watching the other guests come and go. I even got to sniff some of the other dogs – there was a particularly attractive doberman pinscher, and I nearly did.

We went for great walks in Powerscourt Demense, and while my folks were busy taking photos of the Sugar Loaf, I was bouncing in the snow and then eating as much of it as I could swallow.

This is a five star review for a five star hotel. Check it out.

See you later, Baxter”