About Us

About us

PetfriendlyIreland was launched with a simple idea in mind – to create a site that recognises the importance that our dogs have in our lives as friends and family members, as well as making the lives of pet owners much easier.

That combined with a love for Ireland, one of the most beautiful regions in the world, PetfriendlyIreland is the only directory of dog friendly accommodation, restaurants, places to visit, attractions, and much more, dedicated to the island of Ireland.


Offering a comprehensive directory of pet-friendly hotels, self-catering cottages, restaurants, days out and more, PetfriendlyIreland will inspire and help you find dog friendly places to stay, eat out and stunning locations to explore throughout Ireland. From the vast sandy beaches that stretch across Ireland’s rugged coastline, to the towns and cities brimming with culture and beautiful architecture, a holiday in Ireland is the perfect location for the whole family.